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Social Reform - Professional Sanitizing as part of the New Norm Featured

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In our global collective efforts to bring the Coronavirus pandemic under control, social reforms like social distancing, regular and thorough hand-washing, as well as the wearing of masks have become the new norm.

We will no doubt also see a continued high emphasis placed on the regular sanitizing of public amenities as well as business establishments and public institutions as stringent measures are put in place to safeguard their clients, their visitors and their staff.



When businesses and institutions rely on their own judgement of which sanitizing products to purchase and they hand the task to their own staff who have little to no training in applying the different methods and using the different products for disinfecting and sanitizing their premises, they are not only putting themselves and their staff members at risk but they are also risking the safety of the general public who visit their premises and those who come into contact with their staff outside of the workplace.

We spoke to Daniel Postman, CEO of Ecosanitizing Solutions, a Durban-based company that specialises in the professional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising of business premises, public institutions and even private homes.

"The Social Reforms and the COVID control measures we have put in place as a nation definitely helps slow down the rate of spread but here’s the thing; we as humans are social beings and the social reforms needed remain challenging as it affects every part of our lives as we know it."

"Sanitizing your home, office, school or business has become one of those important social reforms but it can be quite a costly affair that could end up costing you more than what the services of a professional sanitising company would cost you." 

"It is very important that especially business owners and managers of institutions understand that relying on their own limited knowledge of which products to purchase and tasking their general cleaning staff with the job of applying those products, could turn out to be much more costly in the longer term when compared to using the services of a professional sanitizing company."



We asked Daniel what one should look for in a professional sanitizing service.

"A reliable and professional sanitising service will be one that has highly trained staff who themselves are regularly screened and who have the highest quality PPE when entering a client's premises."

"Clients should ensure that the sanitizing company they hire has the best current equipment while using the highest quality products and methods that are in line with the most stringent international standards and guidelines as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Of course our products  and methods comply with the highest of those standards"
See demonstration video further below.

We wanted to know more about what makes the products used by Ecosanitizing Solutions so different from what most people can simply buy off the shelf.

"We use unique cutting edge products and a new approach that combines cleaning and disinfection into one operation."

"The products are what we call 'self-disinfecting'. It uses technology that continues disinfecting for a long time and lasts between 1 and 3 months after application. It means that you or your staff members do not have to obsessively disinfect your space several times daily after it has been sanitized using our technologically superior products and professional methods.”

“Our child-safe, pet-safe, food-safe products that are non-irritant to skin and eyes also contain no chlorine or harmful by-products, thus there is no harmful vapour phase, meaning no ventilation period is required, therefore businesses also suffer less down-time.”


We were curious to find out why businesses and institutions can't just simply purchase the products that meet those standards and apply it themselves.

"Even with access to the best sanitising products, the persons applying the products would need specialised training in order to do it properly."

"The cost of one business or institution having their staff specially trained to apply the most technologically advanced sanitizing products in the most effective ways is simply not feasible, as sanitising is not part of their core business."



Daniel went on to explain why clients should seek out the kind of services being offered at Ecosanitizing Solutions and what level of service clients should expect from the fast growing Sanitising Industry.

"The services we offer at Ecosanitizing Solutions make sense in more ways than one."

"Why put yourself and your staff at risk? Why spend more time and money on products that are unsafe and harmful to you in the long run? Rather let the professionals come in and sanitize your space the right way with less effort from you and at a lower cost to you.”

“We are fast and effective using the right products for the right applications. We offer our hassle free friendly service at your convenience and we pride ourselves in our flexibility, working together with our client’s to build a customized cleaning solution tailored to suit their every need, including that our operations have little to no impact on their trading hours.”

“Be it your Office, Shopping Centre, Education Centre or Home; our priority is to create a safe space for you, your colleagues, family and friends.
It is our aim to give you peace of mind and restore the freedom you took for granted to operate freely within your spaces.” 

“We at Ecosanitizing Solutions want to play an active part in the Social Reform needed in this country by offering our services at low cost to those that need it most. By sanitizing your space the right way at the lowest possible cost we hope to achieve our goal to diminish the effects of Covid 19 and also continue to ensure that public amenities, business establishments, institutions and homes remain safe spaces beyond when this pandemic is brought under control.” 

See Demonstration Video Further Below

To find out how Ecosanitizing Solutions can help you maintain a safe and healthy work or living environment mail them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone them on 082 309 6313.

You can also find more details about the services offered by Ecosanitizing Solutions clicking Here on Their Website or by Following their Facebook Page or by Following them on LinkedIn.



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