New data from a minimum wage report from School of Economic and Business Sciences (SEBS) at the University of the Witwatersrand shows how much the average South African gets paid across race, gender and industry in the country.

EVERYONE agrees that the economic legacy of apartheid was catastrophic.

rlabs stats 2015
The Digital Financial and Economic Inclusion for Youth (DFE4Y) Platform will leverage the power of technology and partnerships to address the youth unemployment challenge in South Africa 4,000 youth will transition into sustainable livelihoods.

Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) announced an investment of 2,000,000 Rand to the Digital Financial and Economic Inclusion for Youth (DFE4Y) Platform in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation.  The innovative digitally-enabled reward platform will support the transition of 4,000 youth living in peri-urban and township communities in Cape Town, South Africa into sustainable livelihoods.

Who would have thought that you could draw some serious business lessons from the Batman vs Superman movie.
Adele Kock of Status Staffing did exactly that!
If you're a small to medium size business owner, or you are just starting out, then you might ask: "How do these dynamics usually found in a big organisation apply to my me?".
Well... Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were a small organisation of only three...

3 Career & World-Of-Work Lessons from Batman Vs Superman
by Adel Kock

So the epic new superhero blockbuster movie – Batman Vs. Superman: The Dawn Of Justice  was recently released in cinemas worldwide. And just about everyone has an opinion about whether or not it’s ‘all that and a box of popcorn’.

The BEE drum has been beaten many times before on both the right and the left on South Africa’s political spectrum. A recent piece on PoliticsWeb penned by John Kane-Berman gave what has become a standard liberal right critique of BEE. I think Berman is right to bemoan the influence of BEE on South Africa’s economy. I do the same but for different reasons.

Indeed, from its inception BEE has attracted the ire of both the SACP and the Free Market Foundation alike. This government policy has somehow manufactured a rare agreement between “market fanatics” and “ultra-leftists”. Something must be wrong here.

The city is a hub for South African tech startups, where the focus is on seeing entrepreneurial opportunities in local business needs.

Ask what connects tech innovation and South Africans and many in the startup world mention Elon Musk. But, while the Tesla Motors chief executive might be a role model, he has lived in the US since he was 18. To find creativity in Cape Town, South Africa’s hub for tech startups, you need to look locally. And there is plenty to delve into.

Silicon Cape, a non-profit organisation co-founded by well-known South African entrepreneurs Vinny Lingham and Justin Stanford in 2009, is central to Cape Town’s technology startup scene.

Being an entrepreneur today is very different from the way it was in our parents’ and grandparents’ days. In countries with ‘Western’ cultures, the young adults’ world is also vastly different from that of older generations. But because we often need to do business with older people, this has implications for how we relate to, and work with them.

The Entrepreneurship Development Trust, Khulasande Capital and En-novate successfully hosted two economic debates on Tuesday 14 June at Investec’s head office in Sandton. Their purpose was to explore meaningful, tangible ways of re-igniting South Africa’s economy.

The Treasury has published new preferential procurement guidelines that will see 30% of all large government-issued contracts set aside for small and black-owned companies through subcontracts.

The guidelines, published for public comment, also give extra weight to black economic empowerment in a larger slice of tenders.

As we commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the 1976 Student Uprising, the realisation that our young people aged 15 to 34 continue to make up the bulk of the unemployed and that they are also less skilled than their parents, is cause for huge concern.
“When parents are better equipped than the children, it’s a sign of regression,” said Statistician-General Pali Lehohla at the April 2016 release of ‘The Social Profile of Youth, 2009 – 2014’.

Empowerment Setback: Black SA Youth Less Skilled than Their Parents
by Ryan Swano

For Black Economic Empowerment to have long-lasting results South Africa not only needs more jobs to be created but we need 'quality jobs' to be created in fields that can grow our economy on the technological front.
When those jobs are created we need to have people who are skilled and qualified to do those jobs.

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