26 Reasons Why "White Genocide" in SA is a Ridiculous Myth Featured

Monday, 30 July 2018 19:47 Wade Goodwin
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This candid look at the benefits which whites have accrued from Apartheid and which they are still enjoying in post 1994 South Africa lists 26 reasons why the mythical "white genocide" is in fact a display of "white fragility" and an expression of their fear which whites have of losing their white privilege.



This is "White Fragility" folks!
by Wade Goodwin

1. They had a 342 year history written exclusively in their favour.

2. A politico-legal, militaristic system favouring them in every area. A veritable 'cradle to the grave' life solution.

3. Heterotopian B-BWEE, broad-based, white economic empowerment, "helpmekaar" schemes and government aid for 64 years.

4. Exclusive and sole access to 87% (1.06 million square kilometres) of the total land mass of South Africa, initiated by the Natives Land Act of 1913, and later backed by the Group Areas Act.

5. All the mineral resources of the land. Roughly 14, 9 million carats in diamonds were extracted from the Big Hole in Kimberley alone and an initial 14.2 million ounces of gold from the Witwatersrand.

6. All the marine resources of the oceans.

7. Access to 48 years of National budgets. Black people were forced to pay a higher rate of taxation through clever tax instruments.

8. 7 banks designed to cater for all their business and personal needs.

9. Access to cheap personal and business credit and loans at very favourable terms.

10. 12 multi-million dollar SOE's, State-owned Enterprises for their exclusive employment purposes first. In the dying days of Apartheid, SARB, the South African Reserve Bank doubled the supply of money.

11. 1500 laws exclusively designed to put them first in every area of human endeavours.

12. A dozen purpose built whites only colleges and universities spread across the country.

13. An indentured labour force of 20 million people for 48 years, subsidising their lifestyles, in cheap labour and flexible man hours. In the sixties, the white/black income differential in real terms was 13:1 in favour of the whites.

14. A 150 000 member police force catering to their security concerns, who were essentially a para-military force.

15. The strongest armed forces south of the Sahara. The SADF had a standing army of 500 000 men, backed by a formidable 300 fighter aircraft, 800 battle tanks and an assortment of artillery, armoured vehicles and well-funded and sophisticated military industrial complex.

16. The tacit backing of all the Western powers, particularly the United States, Great Britain and Israel.

17. Easy access to cheap Western capital, for infrastructure projects in white areas from the IMF the World Bank and related international banks.

18. An unlimited pool of cheap industrial and commercial labour. More than 1 million miners perished on the Witwatersrand out of an estimated pool of 10 million miners.

19. 1Trillion rands looted over 5 decades to fund a utopian, white centered society. All of which the government of Nelson Mandela had to repay.

20. 97%, ownership of the total capitalisation of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Media giant NasPers alone is worth in excess of a R1 Trillion in share capital.

21. A higher rate of potential employment opportunities across all sectors of industry and commerce.

22. A higher rate of monthly remuneration and benefits across all sectors of industry and commerce.

23. Access to the finest health-care systems, services, professionals, clinics and hospitals.

24. The highest per capita ownership of private homes, vehicles and firearms. Note, 37 031 238 ha in farming and agricultural land are owned by individual white landowners.

25. Hands down the absolute best political deal in 1994, money can buy, which actually enhanced wealth and employment generating opportunities for them. On average white people earn R6 for every R1 a similarly qualified black person earns.

26. A guarantee that the white civil service will be paid the equivalent of an annual salary after 10-years of service, (as a golden handshake), post their retirement, and a full monthly salary for the rest of their lives. In the event of their passing, the widow gets 3/4 of the monthly income.

Yet, the mass-media, social media and dinner table conversations have been choked for 24-years with them discussing just how "bad and genocidal" it is for white people to live in South Africa, under a black government... Wow!

Conclusion: This makes the white tribe of South Africa, the single wealthiest standalone white ethnic minority in the world, with an admirable poverty rate of only 50 000 people out of a population of 4.5 million.

Riddle me this... Are there any more perfect a set of laboratory conditions to study the phenomenology of White Fragility and Cognitive Dissonance, anywhere in the world, than this tribe we share the same geography with?


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