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The Treasure Chest, a South African Wine marketing and promotional joint action group, comprising of 14 wine brand owners, 13 Black Owned brands and 1 BEE company, 98% Woman owned, collectively 125 experience in the wine sector, 21 different brands encompassing over 100 varietals, quality wines sourced from 10 famous and renowned regions in the Western Cape, South Africa.

This historic self made group is the first in South Africa from the inception of a 360 year old wine industry. Brand owners decided in 2013 to begin a marketing and promotional campaign to grow and develop their own companies within the wine sector of South Africa.  In 2016, the plan was completed and funding requested by the principal, Mr. Malcolm Green.  Sponsorship and support for the road shows provided by National Marketing Agriculture Council, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and VINPRO.

House of La Ricmal is one of a handful of 100% Black wine producers in South Africa. La RicMal offers its finest wine brands La RicMal Supréme and Lerato, sourced from carefully manicured vineyards overseen by well experienced grape farmers. Passionate wine makers use only the highest quality grapes to handcraft La RicMal’s exceptional superior quality wines producing outstanding flavours and aromas.

La RicMal, a proud South African family enterprise. Our aims and objectives is to create a company that will be a credit to mankind bringing about job creation, social upliftment, beneficial trade agreements, adding long-term sustainable value to the agriculture of our wonderful country. La RicMal prides its entire operation by assuring all wines are sourced from only the best vineyards and bottled by special  stainless steel food grade machines and equipment. Our processing and bottling partners many international food quality certificates ensuring customers receive the highest quality wines from La RicMal. A company that is easy and quick to respond to business interests.  We produce exceptional speedy turnaround time in orders. Our wine business trading ethics are of international standards assuring customers of exceptional value for money. We are in marketing stages and welcome interested importers and distributors to make contact with La RicMal.

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