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Personal services
Personal daily use

We offer personal consulting service on setting up and getting started with bitcoin. Using as normal banking account.


We provide information on investment information around bitcoin
-Bitcoin Mining       
-Bitcoin Trading


Business services
We offer consultancy service to show value for business to use Bitcoin.
Advantages for businesses to accept payment in bitcoin.
Assistance with set-up and using bitcoin on a daily basis

The currency of the future - Bitcoin Evolution of Money

The world's first digital/cryptocurrency, which is currently the world's highest currency.

  •     Started in 2009.
  •     Cryptocurrency meaning that is has cryptography inscription for higher measures of security & safety.
  •     Bitcoin mining software creates bitcoins by solving complex mathematical equations.
  •     Wikipedia states that there were more than 740 cryptocurrecies available in the market in 2015.
  •     A decentralised currency, meaning that it is not owned by any governemnt or authorities.
  •     Created with an intention to enrich & give more power to people.
  •     A limited currency, only 21 million bitcoins will be produced.
  •     Used as any other currency.
  •     Difference between normal currency & bitcoin is that is is an appreciating currency. Meaning that the price will continue to go higher as more people use it.
  •     A bitcoin wallet is opened online and used like online banking.
  •     A bitcoin debit card which is a normal Visa or Mastercard is used to trasact normally.


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