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Licenselntelli is a black female owned company that provides a broad portfolio of information technology solutions and business process to its clients.

Our core portfolio comprises Microsoft Volume Licensing, Software Asset Management, infrastructure consulting services as well as other software licensing within the information-technology.

We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas. Our focus is on leveraging new technologies using proven and cost effective method for each client.  Working with customers to achieve their business objectives is our highest priority.

Software Licensing

We work behind the scenes to help our clients to achieve their business goals by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT environment for operational excellence.
Our consultants know exactly what to do to improve your business process and requirements of IT solutions to your business. Regardless of industry, we offer flexible  suitable solutions to meet your license and service challenges. Our broad portfolio of services can help turn your business challenge into a competitive success.Our service portfolio comprises of :
Microsoft Licensing Consultancy Service | IT Infrastructure Services   |  O365 Deployments  |  Training License

Areas of Expertise:

• Microsoft Volume Licensing Specialists for smes
• Office365 Deployments
• SharePoint Deployments
• Enterprise Project Management
• Specializing in server technologies
• Remote server management

Infrastructure Support Services Covers:

Server Management Services
Mail Migration Services
Software Asset Management Services

Infrastructure Services

Today's marketplace demands that infrastructure be efficient, flexible, dependable while optimizing your IT return on investment. Flexible IT infrastructure that helps you react quickly to changing business conditions.
LicenseIntelli can help you achieve operational excellence by making your information technology (IT) environment safe, secure and agile.

Our collaborative approach helps you to implement infrastructure
solutions capable of cost-effectively supporting your business goals today and tomorrow.

Preparation of business and marketing plans Corporate social investment consultant Company and NPO registrations

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