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BlackPages.co.za exists for one simple reason: to make it as easy as possible for you to source, find and do business with BEE-accredited or black-owned businesses in South Africa, for the sake of growing the South African econnomy through practical, meaningful broad-based black economic empowerment. 

BlackPages.co.za is a powerful, easy-to-use, premium web and mobile business directory for you to find, rate and review BEE accredited businesses. If your company has a BEE certificate and you'd like to make it easy for the public and procurement professionals to find and do business with you, then you need to list your business on BlackPages.co.za...it's as simple as that.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is a legislated government policy aimed at rectifying the South African economy, growing the middle class, reducing unemployment and ensuring that all citizens have an equitable stake in the economy. As of 1 May 2014, new government legislation will be coming into effect to ensure that BEE is more properly implemented and to close the many loopholes which companies have been exploiting.

FACT: South Africa is one of the most unequal countries on earth...the sad part is that it really doesn't have to be that way!!

If we're going to change the economy, we need to change the way we spend our money and specifically, spend money with businesses that are committed to economic transformation. Soon, the public will know that they can find these businesses quickly and easily when they use BlackPages.co.za.

BEE certification is a legal requirement when applying for tenders or working with corporates. If your company already has a BEE certificate, then why not get exposure and benefit from this compliance by listing on the country's leading, targeted BEE directory?

Why advertise in an online directory like BlackPages.co.za? 

  • It's Affordable (FREE), effective, targeted advertising in a highly-relevant online directory.
  • We provide free, unhindered public access to our database so that your business gets maximum exposure on web and mobile.
  • Reach THOUSANDS of customers/clients looking to deal exclusively with BEE accredited businesses as well as be found by corporate procurement professionals.
  • Our pending marketing campaigns will see us aggressively attract new users and business through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google as we position ourselves as the leading BEE business directory committed to bring real growth and empowerment to the South African economy.

Get these benefits and more when you list your business FREE:

  • BOOST YOUR OWN WEBSITE'S GOOGLE RANK with our SEO (Search Engine Optimised) listings. 
  • ENGAGE VISITORS WITH MORE THAN JUST TEXT as your listing will have support for Youtube video, images, BEE certificate download and a map to your business. Your new clients will thank you.
  • REACH NEW CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY SEARCH ON GOOGLE MOBILE with our fully mobile-enabled listings.
  • GROW YOUR BUSINESS THE 21st CENTURY SOCIAL MEDIA WAY, with our public 3rd-party customer/client ratings and reviews for your listing. Encourage your customers/clients to rate, review and share their comments with their friends and family.
  • STAY UP TO DATE with all the latest developments in BEE, transformation and small business development with our comprehensive weekly email newsletter delivered FREE to your Inbox. 
  • BE PART OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT that seeks to rapidly grow the South African economy by promoting networking between black and white business owners for the benefit of ALL SOUTH AFRICANS. 

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